The Top 7 Reasons We Stay in Bad Relationships

It’s a common perception that gentlemen seek the company of ladies on the Toronto Escorts site because they want wild shenanigans. But there’s plenty of men who seek out the services of a companion because they need someone to talk to in confidence.

In fact, our female escorts meet clients who reveal the reasons why they stay in unhappy relationships or marriages. Here are some of the most common seven reasons:

1. It’s cheaper to stay

bad relationships

Men often stay in miserable marriages is due to finances. Specifically, they don’t want to pay for an expensive divorce. This is especially true for high-level entrepreneurs and C-level company executives.

Instead of pursuing an expensive divorce, many find that it’s far more financially advantageous to remain married, thereby maintaining control over the family finances.

2. I don’t want to start over

While some men would leave their unions in a second if they could afford a divorce, there are some who fear new partners. Specifically, they don’t want to start over with new partners.

They don’t want to endure learning to live with the new partner’s weaknesses and faults. And they don’t want to be judged, either. They’d rather stick with a partner they’re familiar with. Calgary movers

3. I can try to make this work

Couples fighting

Along the same lines, there are those who feel that they can figuratively roll up their sleeves and make a failing union work. Of course, they learn the hard way that after the cycle of making up fades into fighting and resentment, there’s no resolution to be found.

The sad thing is, they soldier on, pounding away at the dead corpse of a relationship (or marriage). They keep trying in vain to bring it back from the dead. Calgary movers Facebook

4. I don’t do well on my own

I don't do well on my own

Many fall prey to this excuse for not leaving a bad union. They’re afraid of functioning as a single person, and this is particularly true if the miserable person involved has been partnered from a young age.

If a person has been involved since they were a young adult, then the thought of continuing through life as a single person is frightening! They’ll do anything to avoid this, including subjecting themselves to a bad, unhealthy union.

5. I must be damaged goods


Sadder still, many escort companions find themselves tending to the wounded egos of those who are in bad relationships. Specifically, they feel that it must be their fault that things in the relationship didn’t work out.

They feel that there must be something wrong with them because they weren’t able to keep their partners romantically interested. Therefore, they don’t want to start over again with someone new, and they don’t feel secure about leaving the bad situation.

6. We’ll disappoint our loved ones


There are couples who have built their egos and reputations upon their union. These are usually the power-couples one would find within a professional industry. But in some cases, couples brand themselves within a communities, and their loved ones have come to rely upon the couple remaining together.

Therefore, it takes a lot of courage for the couple to divorce. They’re afraid of ruining their reputation as a blissful power-couple that everyone looks up to.

7. The kids need both parents at home

kids need both parents at home

Finally, one of the most pressing reasons for people to stay in sad, miserable unions is due to their concern for their children. They feel that they’ll traumatize their kids if one of the parents leave home.