How To Arrange A Pool Party?


A pool party is so much better than a party indoors with people dressed formally and on their best behavior. Guests wear swimwear, let down their hair and are in their natural element. Water does help. So, next time you plan to throw a party, make it one by the poolside. The information here could be useful.

Decking it out

Decking it out

A party venue can do with some decorations to add color, style and to create the right atmosphere. If it is an evening party then you will want to consider the use of candles and Chinese balloon lanterns to create atmosphere. Use aromatic candles or incense sticks.

A few buntings and even decorated potted plants with twinkling lights will create a festive ambiance. You could just as well buy a dozen tiki torches, floating LED glow balls and similar stuff. Better still, buy or rent a floating fountain you can put inside the pool.

If it is a day party you can create a nature scene with plenty of flowers and foliage or a nautical theme. Make sure you have a music system in place with the right collection. You could get your guests to wear a “pool uniform” or provide them with a set each.



What is a party without people? Make sure to design pool party invitations with the right theme in the invitation. Print out the invitations and send them out a fortnight in advance. Follow it up with a phone call.

Food and music

Food and music

A party without food and music is unthinkable. Get music and not just the same old music. Think something different to go with the time of the day and the theme of your party.

As for food you need not plan a full course meal. Keep a buffet table at one side. Load the table with finger foods. Guests can much on their favorite items, dance, swim, and play.

Keep another table with a mix of cocktails and mocktails as well as a small fridge with beer and liquors. They help people get into the spirit of the thing. There are plenty of fun activities in Toronto that you can do at your pool party.


A party is fun and games. Plan to include games and get everyone to play, preferably while in the pool.

Get a large beach ball and a frisbee at the very least. Use your imagination to create games you all can play in the pool. Playing is fun and gets the adrenaline going.

Plan and prepare


You plan and then prepare. This means ensuring the water is fully sanitized on the day (or evening) of the party. Chlorinate the pool a day in advance, using more chlorine than usual.

Organize how people will keep their belongings. You can provide a table or a cupboard to keep clothes and shoes and designate a changing room for men and women.

Take care of mosquitoes and bugs and keep bug spray handy. Keep a couple of bottles of sunscreen handy and also a first aid kit. Chairs for people who wish to sit down for a while.

Make sure you organize the party for the weekend or on a holiday so that everyone you invite turns up and you have fun.


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