6 Steps to Plan the Perfect First Date


A perfect date is a dream come true for anyone who’s been looking out to date for a while. You would have just texted or called your potential date a couple of times and have a dinner planned in the next few days with this person.

We know how it would feel like with several emotions flooding you at one go. Jittery and excited could be some of the emotions we could name for you. It is time to bury your bad dates from the past and to sail ahead into a smooth one this time.

We want to make it a little easier for you so, go ahead to read some of our tips on planning the perfect first date.

1. Planning well ahead

Planning well ahead

From narrowing down to a good date venue to the choice of clothes to be worn, make sure all this is planned out well in advance.

When it comes to choosing the venue, do make sure you give the partner a choice to select. It’s not necessary to land in a place you may like; it’s all in the part of the dating process. How about taking turns in choosing the venue?

Wikihow suggests that being direct with your date may not work completely, so innuendos in the form ‘I like weekends as it’s relaxing’ may work.

2. Make sure you keep that phone addiction of yours away

phone addiction

This is definitely not your chance to showcase your ‘phone usage’ skills and will portray you as a downright jerk if all you do is check notifications all the time.

GQ is quick to add that this may also show as disinterest in the date and if you really this person, the phone should be kept far far away!

3. Don’t be a ‘give it all’ when it comes to personal stories

personal stories

This could easily backfire as first dates are more formal as you are yet to establish the comfort zones. www.torontoescorts.mobi says that you don’t need to be stingy with the personal information as that is your way of showing the date that this could go somewhere. Although, some dates have gone terrifyingly wrong with people going on about their exes and personal disaster stories.

4. Try to choose open and airier spaces

open and airier spaces

A small and cozy café may not be the best of a date venue, unless the partner suggests it themselves. A Dutch study states that small rooms could suffocate the partner and may also stop them from talking or opening up at all. A large and airier space gives a very positive outlook to the person that you are and some smooth music to go makes it perfect!

5. Say only what you mean

Planting wrong ideas is definitely the worst way of starting a new relationship at all. Do not go ahead to make tall claims about yourself or what lies in future for you and the partner. The first date is where you don’t need to be making such statements and watch where it all goes. There is time and no hurry at all!

6. Smile!


This will be our last tip for you as nothing beats a genuine and honest smile on your face. Welcome your date with a pleasant smile and we presume, you would mean it!

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