A couple of weekends ago we were rather lucky and got to tag along with Bershka to attend V Festival. It was the first festival that we had been to together, so we were pretty excited.

The English weather was on our side and it didn't spend the whole day raining, so we got to wander around sampling everything the festival had to offer in the (almost) warm sunshine. Following us around (and trying to capture our natural awkwardness) was photographer Lydia. It was the first time we had met / worked with her and we were beyond thrilled to discover that she is a totally amazing, interesting babe. Amongst the meat-ball subs (1 x vegetarian, 1 x meat), gin and tonics, making new friends and of course, the live music, I think we would have to admit that our highlight might have been discovering the Waltzers. Yes, maybe we shouldn't be admitting this... But ever since we grew over the height restriction we have had an on-going love affair with all fair ground rides.


Photography | Lydia Garnett

Styling | What She Said



Everything we are wearing is from Bershka. Yep even our invisible socks hidden inside our Bershka trainers.