We teamed up with Munich brand The Sept to shoot some of their lovely pieces for What She Said. The shoot took place over the Christmas holiday; at home, in a little town in Cornwall.... Need we say more?! In addition to the awful weather, we also had the problem of finding a suitable (non-countryside) location. And a suitable photographer.

A good friend of ours (also from our tiny little home-town)  happens to be a rather successful travelling photographer named Joshua Halling.

Josh was away in America, spending Christmas with his girlfriend, but due to come home on the 27th. But there was bad weather in the States and his flight got delayed. Basically to stop waffling on, we ended up shooting for about an hour on Josh's last morning in Cornwall before he had to leave to catch a flight to Australia. The only 'nice' backdrop we could find was a fairly mouldy-looking garage door near a shipyard that I don't think we were 'allowed' into. And of course it was very windy and cold and rained constantly.

But looking at the photo's now, we absolutely love them, and if we hadn't just told you, you'd never have guessed how stressful it was to get them shot; so Josh, thank you so much for saving us.



Look one | Sarah wears The Sienna Cashmere Wool Sweater in Black. Joanna wears The Suki Soft Sweater in Navy and The Liv Blanket Scarf in Light Grey,

Look two | Sarah wears The Suki Soft Sweater Nude over The Alisha Boyfriend Tee in Black. Joanna wears The Sienna Cashmere Wool Sweater in Grey Melange.