We teamed up with Australian brand  FRANK BODY to try out a few of their favourite skincare products. FRANK BODY products are all inspired by coffee (which is great for us as every morning we are very much inspired by coffee) and only use natural ingredients from coconut oil to cocoa extract. They are also a complete vegan brand (apart form using ethically sourced honey & beeswax in a couple of their items) with no animal testing whatsoever; which we loved about them, being very fond of animals. 

We were very kindly given a large selection of things to try from their original coffee scrub (which we believe is where the brand all started) to body cream and face cleansers. Having a keen interest in design and packaging  we were thrilled to see FRANK BODY's simple yet stylish design when our little pink boxes arrived.

Having quite sensitive skin (that unfortunately can be prone to the odd pimple) we are always a bit reluctant to try out new cleansers as they have be known to cause more breakouts than help. But we were so pleasantly surprised how soft and clean this FRANK BODY one made our face feel and a week later still using it with no problems; probably because it contains everything good and wonderful from marshmallow root & echinacea extract to coconut, grape and almond oil. 

FRANK's face moisturiser is also rather dreamy; its full of vitamin E and cocoa and shea butters to aid sensitive and blemish prone skin and makes your cheeks feel super soft. And their creamy face scrubs smells good enough to eat, as well as being a wonderful exfoliator.

And FRANK's original body scrub made up of coffee (of course) almond oil, vitamin e and sea salt is one of the best (and definitely the best smelling) body scrub we have tried). 

So basically we pretty much love FRANK BODY products, not only because they are smell good enough to eat; they use all our favourite extracts and ingredients and worked really well with our skin type. We also had a lot of fun trying all of the products out and experimenting with 'how to look nice' with stuff all over your hands and face. This was our first actually product/brand collaboration, review post so we are super excited to share it with you.

Check out our interview with them here.



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