A couple of weeks ago now we were lucky enough to meet with two wonderful members (Nina and Alex) from the UK depeop team. Very flatteringly, they wanted to feature and interview us for the depop blog; you can read the interview here. Alex aka. Alexander McLuckie (yes he has the best surname ever right?) took some snaps of us at Joanna's London flat and surrounding streets. Then we all went for a classy pint in the local pub and discussed cultural things like how great 'This is England' is, what it might be like to be popstars and how to work a wid-get.

Some of the clothes we are wearing are now for sale in our brand new depop shop, so I guess that means it's time for you to go shopping. Search @whatshesaid in the depop app.



Joanna wears Urban Outfitters 'Project Social Tee', Monki Jeans, Adidas trainers, vintage belt, Jess Hannah necklace and Daniel Wellington watch. Sarah Wears Mate The Label t-shirt, vintage Levi's Jeans, vintage leather boots, American Apparel belt, Bing Bang NY earnings and Daniel Wellington watch.