At the beginning of the week Joanna became 'Mama' to two little kittens; YES KITTENS. If you love felines as much us - which is A LOT - then we hope this post excites you and fills your heart with joy. 

So everyone let us introduce Mishkin and Franz, two beautiful sisters from a litter of four fluffy kittens. On Monday evening we collected two rather shy, subdued  kittens and were a bit  worried it would take them a while to settle in. By Tuesday morning that worry had vanished and we had two little confident mischief makers. Mishkin and Franz very quickly felt comfortable in their new home and immediately stared destroying everything they could get their paws on. Their hobbies include ripping leaves off house plants, clawing furniture, chasing shoes laces and generally running around like mad things. After a few hours of the above they are exhausted and fall asleep instantly and become the cutest things you'll ever see.

Picking up the kittens was timed 'purrrrfectly' (excuse the pun) with a visit from auntie Sarah. Being super super super busy heading into her final term of the final year at university we haven't seen each other much recently so this trip was very much welcomed and sadly probably the last one for a long time.  As well as spending many hours trying to turn the kittens into lap cats we shot a blog post with the wonderful Dean Martindale - which will be coming to you very soon so keep your eyes peeled - and got very excited speculating all the things we want to post about when we are together all the time. 

P.S. A very big thank you to Dean who managed to capture us with the kittens in their sleepy mode for this post. We honestly couldn't have done it without you, and believe us we tried.



Joanna wears vintage Levi jeans, Monki tee and Daniel Wellington watch. Sarah wears Muji tee, Cheap Monday jeans and Daniel Wellington watch.