She's Got A Body, Calvin Klein



It's been a little while since we were last together - incase you didn't realise we're very busy and very important... and very, very funny.

But we're both finally back in London (sort of) and what better way to kick start our reunion than working with Calvin Klein

Focusing on key pieces from the Sheer Marquisette and Sculpted Denim ranges we have curated this little story to showcase our favourite styles. Of course we thought of no one else to capture our vision than our lad Dean


Photography | Dean Martindale

Creative Direction and Styling | What She Said 



Joanna wears cK 'ID triangle bra' (white) and cK 'ID bikini panties' (white). 

cK Sheer Marq hipsters (nymph).

cK 'high rise sculpted' skinny jeans (silk dark).


Sarah wears cK 'ID triangle bra' (black) and cK 'ID hipster panties' (black).

cK Sheer Marq bodysuit (black).

cK 'high rise sculpted' skinny jeans (black).


All jewellery and other styling is our own.