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How Safe is Online Dating?


If you decide to partake in online dating, it’s best to let someone know. Since you’ve already decided to do it, you don’t want to confide in the friend that’s going to discourage you. Instead, tell the friend that will keep you accountable. You can call this friend if things start to go south. If you have a tracker in your phone, this is the person that will stay on top of making sure you’re okay. Go here and find out the alternatives of online dating.

Can Escorts Spice-up Your Couple Sex Life?


Even though one of the integral parts of any relationship, sex is often the most hushed topics in our society. Seldom we shall find people opening up about their sexual needs and desires. And yet, a growing number of couples are complaining about unfulfilled sexual needs resulting in troublesome marriage, some even going as far as divorce. What if I tell you ...